CaBeCon - the three pillars of success

"Demand creation, lead generation and establishment of a successful distribution network is our expertise and passion. In order to achieve our goals in brand performance throughout all verticals necessary there are three basic guidelines to ultimately fulfill the targets and increase the branding."


Before executing any plan, there needs to be one, a good one especially. We help you to optimize and adjust the strategic route. A well organized and communicated plan can be executed more easily by all parties involved.


Whatever you do, make sure to keep the target in mind and steer towards the goal. We make sure that the goal is targeted as efficiently as possible. Improvements along the way are a constant and must be handled as such.


Know your customer and your products. We know many ways to find out the right combination and determine the way forward in communicating the key messages and handling clients. After all: A happy customer is a constant client.

Marketing Key Focus Areas

We like to section marketing into the following four categories for better structure


Strategic Corporate Marketing

A solid corporate marketing helps all parties to follow guidelines and streamline messaging. It is key for a successful brand and business handling. Therefore we have a number of possibilities for the analysis and positioning of products in order to assist customers in fine-tuning and improving corporate guidelines.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Everyone on the planet wants to be known, but not everyone has the right tools to be successful in realizing this goal. Prioritizing the key mediums that convey the branding and messaging is part one of an extensive system we have in place to increase brand awareness efficiently.


Marketing Communication

In order to correctly disseminate information, each company needs to look at their internal and external means of communication. Creation of mandatory work flows and time lines help in realizing effective messaging throughout the company and beyond.

Channel Marketing

Channel Marketing

The key is to know the right channel and analyze their needs. Whether it is B2B or B2C, even those categories vary a lot within. Lead generation is the target, hence the understanding of the particular target customer and consumer is essential. As experts is this field, we say that this is key for lead generation.

Why Us?

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CaBeCon has been active since 2002, helping companies around the globe to achieve widespread marketing goals. Additionally, for many clients, we have been building the brand foundation and marketing structures from the ground up.
We have been active in areas such as the movie industry, gaming industry and IT hardware industry and have generated a wide base of trusted customers in both sales and marketing across the globe, focused especially in the EMEAI business region.
Our preferred approach is a long-term strategic partnership.

With CaBeCon, you can jump into business immediately. We have a very strong and active distributor client list, excellent local contacts to grow your business right away in both B2B and B2C areas. The market is open, the only question you need to answer is: Are you ready to get started?


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